Monthly Archives: July 2012

FTC Gives Tips – How to Respond to Unwanted Telemarketing Calls, also called Robocalls

The Federal Trade Commission has issued some guidance for consumers to address the problem of robocalls with two new videos:

What To Do If You Get a Robocall, and Robocalls Gone Wrong.

The videos present consumers with information on how to respond to robocalls, as well as informations about the FTC’s efforts to control illegal robocall activity. The FTC even set up a micro web site on robocalls at:
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FTC Advice for Job Seekers

The FTC is advising job seekers to obtain their credit report before seeking employment. In their latest advice to job seekers, the FTC recommends getting your credit report not only so you can dispute inaccuracies in your credit report before you apply for a job, but also to know exactly what is in your credit report just in case you are asked about certain credit items in your report in a job interview.

More information about the rights of for job applicants is on the FTC website at: