FTC Gives Tips – How to Respond to Unwanted Telemarketing Calls, also called Robocalls

The Federal Trade Commission has issued some guidance for consumers to address the problem of robocalls with two new videos:

What To Do If You Get a Robocall, and Robocalls Gone Wrong.

The videos present consumers with information on how to respond to robocalls, as well as informations about the FTC’s efforts to control illegal robocall activity. The FTC even set up a micro web site on robocalls at:

These latest efforts by the FTC are in addition to the guidance published last February on the FTC web site for how consumers should deal with such calling robocall activity: www.ftc.gov/bcp/edu/pubs/consumer/alerts/alt200.shtm

Obviously the first line of defense against receiving unwanted telemarketing calls is to register your phone number with the Federal DoNotCall service. More information, click here.