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Credit Reporting Complaints and Credit Report Complaints

The Consumer Finance Protection Bureau, the CFPB, is a Federal agency created by Congress to protect consumers with respect to Federal consumer financial protection laws.

The CFPB is now ready to accept credit reporting complaints for credit reports, on credit reporting companies, and credit repair from consumers  online though its web site at

The CFPB is interested in hearing from consumers about your credit report complaints after the credit bureau, credit agency or credit reporting company has had a chance to, but does not satisfactorily resolve the dispute you have raised with them.  If that happens, and after you receive your final response from the credit bureau, you should submit your issue through the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau using their online system.

Once you file a credit report complaint with the CFPB, you will be assigned a tracking number for your complaint, which will them be forwarded to the company credit bureau in question. After that, the CFPB will update your complaint online to keep you in the loop about the status of your complaint submission.

Credit reporting complaints are currently being grouped under several headings, including complaints about the accuracy of your credit report, problems related to the credit bureaus reinvestigation of inaccurate items in your report, issues regarding non-permitted uses of your credit report, the inability to get your report and/or score, and problems with associated credit reporting products like credit report monitoring or identity theft and identity protection products.

Of course the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau cannot guarantee that your credit reporting complaints will be resolved in a manner satisfactory to you. However, they can at least pressure credit reporting companies to comply with the law.  Plus, getting consumers to file complaints centrally  will allow the CFPB to assess the problems of consumers, the magnitude of their problems, and whether legislation is necessary to remediate obvious problems.

In addition to credit report complaints, the CFPB online complaint process is setup to take complaints regarding bank accounts and services, credit cards, mortgage loans, car and other consumer loans, and student loans.

Consumer Finance Protection Bureau credit report complaint process:

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