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Credit Reports - Key Information for Consumers about Credit Reporting

A credit report is a summary of your credit history as reported by the three national credit reporting agencies - Experian, Equifax and TransUnion. It lists your credit obligations, as well as your payment history that the three national credit bureaus (the 3 repositories) show for you, including your credit cards, auto loans, and mortgages. It can also include court records, current and past addresses, other names you go by, and a list of recent inquiries into your credit report.

Here are some links related to credit reports and credit reporting topics, including how to obtain your free annual credit report:

  • Divorce Credit Report - It may be important to get your credit report before divorce. Take a few moments to procure a credit report that will show graphically what accounts you hold in common with your spouse. Closing those accounts before the divorce is finalized will provide a cleaner start as a single person.
  • Bankruptcy Credit Report - Get your credit report before bankruptcy and list all items from the 3 credit bureaus in addition to any other items you know exist that may not be on your credit report.
  • Credit Reports for Employment - Check your credit report before employment.
  • Landlord Rental Credit Report - Credit Checks for Landlords
  • Credit Report Monitoring - Monitoring your credit at all three credit bureaus may be valuable to help you manage your credit and perhaps catch identity theft issues early.