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Ordering a 1 Bureau Credit Report Will Include Credit Information from Just One of the Three National Credit Agencies:

Lenders who want a quick and inexpensive look at your credit may use just one of the three bureaus for their credit reports. They will choose the one bureau among Experian, Equifax or TransUnion based on factors like which file has the best coverage in specific zip code, or which bureau gives them the best price, or which agency has the best reporting format for their needs.

Typically a one bureau credit report is used for apartment rentals, auto financing, opening credit card accounts, for insurance, and for employment. One bureau reports are not normally used for real estate loan originations, but they may be used in mortgage related transactions such as for quality control purposes or for valuing a mortgage portfolio or package of mortgage loans.

Consumers who have previously obtained 3 bureau credit reports may subsequently get just a one bureau credit report if they are working on improving their credit at just one particular bureau that happens to show an item on the consumer that is not on the other two bureau reports. For example, collection accounts are oftentimes not reported to all three, and as a result only one bureau may have collections that are showing on you while the other bureau reports do not show the collection. Public records, address information and aliases are other items which may often differ from bureau to bureau.

At the free credit report site for consumers1, reports are delivered in one bureau report formats. this is especially helpful for those who want to space out their credit reports over the year, and order a one bureau at the first of the year, another bureau 4 months later, and the third bureau another 4 months later after that. That way you are spacing your credit report review over the entire year.

1 Bureau Credit Report Questions

Q. How can I get a free 1 bureau credit report annually?
A. FACTA (the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act)  lets consumers get one free credit report a year from each of the three national credit reporting companies. To obtain that free report, you must go to Use the Federally mandated site at annualcreditreport.com1.

Q. What is the difference between a one bureau report and a 3 Bureau Credit Report?
A. A 3 bureau credit report lists all of your credit from all three national credit reporting agencies (Experian , Equifax, and Trans Union).  3 bureau credit reports are also known as merged credit reports, or 3-in-1 credit reports, or 3 agency credit reports.