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Ordering your Equifax Credit Report Online provides many benefits:

  • See if your Equifax Credit Report is accurately reported. If you find inaccurate items in your report, you may file a dispute thru our toll-free Customer Service.
  • Scan your credit report online to see if there are new accounts that have been opened without you knowledge, or are not yours..
  • View the inquiries into your credit and make sure there are none that you did not authorize. Unauthorized inquiries are sometimes the first indication that someone is trying to steal your identity.
  • Check your credit score from Equifax, and generally see if your score ranks well.
  • View the score factors that may be holding your score down.
  • Call our Customer Service toll-free if you need help understanding your credit report.
  • You can also call our Customer Service, and at no charge, they will help you file disputes on your credit report with your creditors if there are items in your credit report that are not accurate.

Checking your credit more than once a year not only keeps you up to date with changes in your report, it helps give you peace of mind that your credit is safe and accurate. Plus just in case you are about to apply for a loan or credit, you can be prepared to explain any adverse issues that show up in your report.