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Below is our comparison of some of the important features and benefits of several of the best offers on the web for Credit Monitoring services that include access to your 3 credit reports and scores. These products not only help protect you from identity theft, they also include access and updates to your credit reports and credit scores. All the offers below are from trusted partners* who use the latest safeguards to encrypt and protect your personal information when it is sent and stored over the Internet.

By the way, we urge you to keep in mind the cheapest product is not always the best product for you. It depends:

  • If you are trying to improve your credit report, choose an offer that includes more frequent report and score updates.
  • If you want more time to try the product, you may want a longer trial period.
  • If your budget is tight, you may want the least expensive service.
  • If you want identity theft protection, you'll definitely want credit monitoring from all 3 bureaus.
  • If you have already tried the others, choose one you have not tried. It may be the one for you.