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Free Annual CoreScore Credit Report by Mail or Phone

Corelogic CREDCO has created the Corescore Credit Report to integrate their credit related information obtained from Corelogic's proprietary information databases with the existing credit data currently sourced from the three national credit bureaus Equifax, Experian and TransUnion. 

Corelogic's databases include real estate property information supplemented with mortgage obligation records, property legal filings and tax payment status, rental application and eviction records, and charge-off information from payday and online lenders.

The Corescore report is intended to benefit lenders by showing additional debt liabilities and hidden credit behavior that can help reduce loan loss risk for lenders and improve the lender's ability to make more informed loan decisions.

Corelogic also has plans to eventually introduce a new credit score based on the information in their Corescore report, eventually giving lenders a comprehensive credit risk assessment tool.

If you are interested in what is in your Corescore report, consumers can obtain a free copy of their Corelogic consumer file once a year as specified by the Fair Credit Reporting Act.  Consumers may ask for their file by mailing or calling Corelogic CREDCO.  More information to obtain your Free Annual Corescore Credit Report is available by visiting the Corelogic / CREDCO website at: